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A Successful Formula

March 24, 2012

I know guys who don’t take their kids fishing. They say their kids end up bored, or that they don’t get to do any fishing, just manage line tangles and emotional outbursts.

For those folks, I have devised a foolproof formula. Alright, scratch foolproof. But it worked today.

3F = Success.

F1: Fish. Well, catch fish, specifically. More is better, but the formula works as long as you catch just one.

Oldest son with the days' bruiser. The thumb grip method was apparently unappealing.

Fooled plenty of these greedy guys with small poppers.

F2: Food. When I fish solo or in a pack of friends, I don’t stop to eat. Most guys I fish with don’t, either. But if you want to hook the knee-highs on fish, you’ve gotta have some eats. Mine like grapes and pretzels.

He caught some of Ma's finger, too.

F3: Funtime. Mix it up and keep the energy level high. It makes for positive connotations (and nearly ensures naps on the ride home).

Anyone else have any go-to moves for making sure fishing with kids is fun?

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