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Pickin’ Bones

February 15, 2012

“What are you going to do with it?”

This was a question I’d never been asked, or considered. I’d grown up with my Papa and Uncle Nate showing me different antler sheds they’d found over the years. To me, it was a logical extension of being a deer hunter. I vividly recall the huge non-typical matched pair that Nate had mounted on an old piece of barn wood. But that didn’t help me answer the question, posed by my wife and hiking partner.

I deflect the question. “Well, hopefully we find more than one,” I reply.

“What will you do with more than one?”

Our footsteps are muffled, the high desert soil made soft by a February snow.  The true answer is that it if it is a nice brown shed, it will sit on a shelf in my garage with the other brown antlers, some taken from bucks I’ve shot and some fellow sheds. If it is an old white shed, or “chalk”, it’ll find a home somewhere in the garden or shrub beds in the backyard. Oh, and I’ll probably post some pictures of it on facebook. When you’re three miles from the Jeep with another four to go, those don’t seem like super compelling reasons to be punishing your quads, lungs, and feet.

I choose not to answer the question.

Cub holds the days only bounty, a funky little five point shed.

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